Sani Professional® is a purpose-driven company deeply rooted in the prevention of Community Associated Infections (CAI). CAI’s are infections contracted anywhere in the community, such as a foodservice establishment.

We take pride in supporting hard working people who prepare and serve food for others; to do so in a way so it is safe for their health and enjoyment. We offer an array of disposable, pre-measured, pre-moistened state-of-the-art wipe solutions for your operation. Our extensive product portfolio is EPA-registered and FDA food code compliant, meeting the highest food industry safety standards.

We believe in making food preparation and broader commercial cleaning convenient, safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Did you know that 1 in 6 Americans will get sick from eating contaminated food every year? At Sani Professional®, we believe that’s one too many.

With new, more stringent FDA regulations than ever before, the need for consistent, reliable solutions is greater than ever. Our unique FDA food code-compliant solutions will assist you in meeting the high standards health officials and your guests have come to expect.

The entire Sani Professional® staff holds ServSafe® Manager certification. Additionally, two Clinical Affairs associates hold ServSafe® Manager Instructor certification by the National Restaurant Association. We want to provide guidance and training to support you as your food safety partners. Simply put, our mission to support the foodservice industry resides at the intersection of food safety and an outstanding guest experience.

With consumers being aware of the dangers of foodborne illness, food safety is fast becoming a national conversation. Sani Professional® supports the CDC Winnable Battle in supporting food safety and reducing foodborne illness. Together, we can win this battle and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. Join us in wiping out cross contamination by:

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